CDM Consultants and Asbestos Surveyors

CDM Consultant to the Principal Contractor

The Principal Contractor is responsible for health and safety management during the construction phase of a project. Our CDM Consultant service to Principal Contractor aims to provide support to the Principal Contractor by providing assistance with both documentation and on site safety management. Whether this means assisting you with preparation of the Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan or conducting site safety inspections of the site or a particular activity we use our team of safety professionals who have years of site safety experience behind them to help you.

If you are a Principal Contractor on a Design and Build project you may be asked to also undertake the role of Principal Designer. Where this is the case we can assist you in both aspects of the role. For further information please refer to our CDM Consultant to the Principal Designer service (insert weblink to that page)

When is a Principal Contractor required?

Where there is more than one Contractor, or if it is reasonably foreseeable that more than one contractor will be working on a project, the Client must appoint in writing:

  1. A designer with control over the pre-construction phase as Principal Designer; and
  2. A contractor as Principal Contractor.

Role of the Principal Contractor

The Principal Contractor is a key duty holder who is responsible for managing health and safety on the construction site. The role includes planning, managing, monitoring and coordinating the construction phase so that health and safety risks are controlled. Key actions include:

  1. Planning: preparing a construction phase plan that ensures the work is carried out without risk to health or safety
  2. Managing: implementing the plan, including facilitating co-operation and co-ordination between contractors
  3. Monitoring: reviewing, revising and refining the plan and checking work is being carried out safely and without risks to health
  4. Securing the site: taking steps to prevent unauthorised access to the site by using fencing and other controls
  5. Providing welfare facilities: making sure that facilities are provided throughout the construction phase
  6. Providing site inductions: giving workers, visitors and others information about risks and rules that are relevant to the site work and their work
  7. Liaising on design: discussing with the Principal Designer any design or change to a design.

How can we assist you as the Principal Contractor

Eurosafe are able to help Principal Contractors improve safety standards on their sites and provide them with the assurance that they are complying with their duties under CDM 2015 this includes the following services:

  • Dedicated CDM Advisor throughout the project
  • Sub-contractor H&S assessments/pre-qualification
  • Attendance at project team meetings
  • Site safety inspections and monitoring
  • Formulation of Construction Phase Plans
  • Review of risk assessments/method statements (RAMS)
  • Onsite training and toolbox talks
  • Health and Safety File production

If you would like Eurosafe to help you discharge your duties as Principal Contractor then contact us on 01904 691515 or

For more information about how Eurosafe UK can assist you, please contact our team on 01904 691515 or

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